Below are a series of questions and answers we are frequently asked regarding our products. If you require anymore information feel free to contact us or for instant reply, message our live chat on our website.

The Stone

Q: Is the stone fire resistant?

A: The standard version is CE approved with a fire rating up to 200 degrees. However, we also offer a fire-retardant option for fire surrounds, gas cooker backsplashes, cladding outside of buildings and commercial projects. The fire-retardant sheets do not change in appearance they are only half a MM thicker. Check these out here.

Q: What is the process to make the stone how it is?

A: EasyFit stone is created by chemically extracting raw material from actual quarried slate, quartzite and sandstone slabs into very thin layers of stone. This thin layer is bonded to a fiberglass backing under controlled pressure and heat producing a strong, yet flexible sheet of stone.

Q: Where can the stone be used?

A: Our stone is extremely versatile and can go onto almost any surface meaning the uses are endless. Some of the uses our previous customers have used are: Kitchens, bathrooms, Café’s, restaurants, feature walls, patios, balconies, garages, barns, stables, exterior cladding hallways, conservatries, bars, desks, walls, ceilings and much more. Why not check out our gallery for some inspiration.


Q: Is the stone completely natural?

A: Yes, it is 100% natural! It is the exact same texture, grain and colour of the stone we extract it from.

Q: Can the stone be used for shower areas and wet rooms?

A: Yes, as stone is naturally water proof it is perfect for these areas. Just make sure that you seal where necessary so there are no leaks.

Using the Stone

Q: How do you cut the stone?

A: The stone can be easily with the use of a blade, tile-cutter, jigsaw and diamond bladed tools are recommended. However, we would recommend using any tool with a guide on, so you can get the straightest cuts possible. For more help watch our installation video on our website.

Q: Is the stone easy to install?

A: Yes! It’s called EasyFit Stone for a reason, anyone can do it. Just apply any sticking adhesive to the back and place the sheet where you would like. For more help watch our installation video on our website.

Q: How do you create corners with the stone?

A: To create corners, when applying the sheets to the surface leave a 1mm overhang and tape together tightly. Allow time for the adhesive to set and then sand the excess at a 45 degrees end until the corners meet. A waterproof sealant can be applied for wet areas.

Q: What adhesive is the best to use?

A: The best adhesive to use is a universal one-part contact adhesive which is suitable for the surface you are applying it to. We recommend Soudal FixAll Wall and floor. We sell this adhesive on our sealant and adhesive page which you can find here.

Q: How much of the adhesive is best to use?

A: On average you get between 4-7 sheets worth out of the 290ml tubes depending on your application. For more help watch our installation video on our website.

Q: Does the stone need to be sealed?

A: We would highly recommend sealing it prior to installation with any natural stone sealant to avoid stains from greasy fingers. We recommend Lithofin MN Stainstop 500ml, which you can find on our website here.

Other Services

Q: How many variants of the stone are available?

A: We offer 4 different types of stone. These are: StandardFire Retardant, Translucent and MicroStone. To see these stones, click here.

Q: How do you package the stone?

A: The small sheets are securely packaged and sent out by DPD Couriers for next day delivery who will text you for a time slot for when the delivery will be made.

The standard delivery procedure for large sheets is securely transported by our own vehicles enabling us to keep the sheets flat at all times and liaise with the customer for suitable delivery times. Should the sheets be required for next day delivery we will securely package them and send via courier.