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Bamboo profile panels

EasyFit Bamboo is another amazing and innovative product we have added to our already extensive range of EasyFit products.

Alongside the Stone Veneers and Concrete Rolls we believe this hardwood alternative compliments our EasyFit range well.

The Bamboo is 100% natural, as well as more durable and cost effective than their hardwood counterparts. Which is a win win for you the customer, as you get an incredibly strong and durable product for a fraction of the price!


Growing at around 35 inches per day and taking only 5 years to mature, it is much faster to harvest than the tropical hardwood counterpart as it takes hardwood trees 50-100 years to mature to be ready for harvest which is why we are so competitive on price.

Using a floating click system the bamboo flooring is very easy to install and can be done without big teams and complex plans. You can also use the more conventional screw down method if you prefer it, however the floating click system would save the bamboo’s natural beauty.

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