Bespoke Dining Table Using Illuminated Translucent Stone Veneer

Translucent stone veneer adds an extra dimension to furniture and living spaces.  It combines the beauty and texture of natural stone with the beauty of light.  This innovative material is made from a thin layer of stone which is extracted from a real rock face.  Transparent resin secures the thin layer of stone and allows light to shine through the veneer highlighting the beauty of the stone.

Back lit translucent stone veneer is often used to create feature walls and add atmosphere to bar areas.  Its flexibility makes it easy to manipulate it into a variety of different shapes.  Adding translucent stone veneer to furniture enables you to transform a mundane item such as table into an awe-inspiring centre piece.

The dining room table featured in this article is both rustic and contemporary thanks to the magic touch of translucent stone veneer.  This solid oak table with Indian Autumn translucent stone veneer insert is unique in its design and appearance.  At first glance you see a natural looking table until the coloured LED lights create a kaleidoscope of colours and textures.

Bespoke Solid Oak Dining Table with Back Lighting

The video features a solid oak dining table with a translucent stone veneer and LED lighting resulting in a completely unique centre piece of any dining area.  A considerable amount of oak has been used to create the table which is able to comfortably seat ten people.  Indian Autumn translucent stone veneer adds an extra twist to the composition of the table.

Perspex strengthens the sheet of translucent stone veneer making it as solid as oak.  Installing colour changing LED lights under the stone veneer allows you to create beautiful lighting effects.  This unique dining table is guaranteed to liven up any dinner party by being the centre of attention.

Translucent Stone Veneer

Translucent stone veneer is available in several different stone patterns and colours.  The stone veneer is a natural product extracted from real stone resulting in variations in patterns and colours.  It is extremely thin and flexible with a transparent resin backing allowing it to be curled and manipulated into different shapes.  Illuminating translucent stone veneer with lights creates a wonderful atmosphere.  Back lighting emphasizes the patterns, grains and texture of the stone.

If you are looking for new ways to transform your home or business premises translucent stone veneer is a simple way to change your space.  Contact us if you would like more information about our range of translucent stone veneer.

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